Sunday, 2 March 2014

Blackbird tea room

 Blackbird tea room, Ship Street, Brighton

So Agnes and I thought it was about time we took another trip to one of the many little cafes that Brighton has to offer and this time we decided to take Hannah along with us. We were absolutely gob-smacked how many times we must have walked past this adorable cafe and never once entered or taken much notice of it.

Upon entering we realised it was quite busy, we were told we would have to wait around 20 minutes and how it is always best to book a reservation. But with our luck there happened to be a spare table with three chairs and so they said we could sit and stay. The decorating really does make you step back in time, with old tin boxes lining the cabinet and photos scattered across the walls in vintage frames it really was something. You could not fault the World War theme they were portraying in this little cafe.

 We all straight away decided we wanted the hot chocolate. It was presented in the most adorable china set and sprinkled with extra chocolate powder it was just divine.When it came to a choice of sweet treats, we were absolutely spoilt for choice, I was forever changing my mind on what to have, but finally settled on the orange and almond cake with a chocolate ganche and oh my god, I have not thought of any other cake since, I've even been to the measures of scouring pinterest for a recipe that would help me recreate the cake. At first I was a little hesitant because I'm not a huge fan of nuts, but I didn't even notice they were there and the orange zesty-ness really did balance out the chocolate, making it all really scrummy, it was so light and I'm pretty sure I could of gone back for seconds, maybe even thirds it was that good!

The meringue was just as lovely and was cooked to perfection with the fluffiness in the inside and crunchy type shell, it was so big as well it didn't even fit on the plate! The victoria sponge was also just as mouth watering, with a change from the usual strawberry jam to a filling of a delightful blackcurrent twist and a large helping of vanilla cream in the middle, it really was amazing. Plus the strawberries were so sweet and a perfect touch to each dish!

I really do recommend trying out this little cafe, although don't forget to make a reservation as you may not be as lucky us and be able to sit straight away! I promise you won't be disappointed, they don't just offer cake but a whole selection of lunches!

Elizabeth apps x


  1. This looks like a glorious little place! Lovely little review and gorgeous photographs, I'll definitely consider this place next time i'm in Brighton!