Sunday, 16 March 2014

And she wasn't like the best thing under the sun

 JACKET: TOPSHOP (sister's), T-SHIRT: (similar here), DRESS: H&M (similar here), BAG: ZARA (old), BOOTS: OFFICE

These photo's were taken a couple of weeks ago and I left them stored on my laptop for ages but I thought I would finally share this little outfit with you! I was at first worried about wearing a t-shirt over a dress as I'd never done it before and thought it wouldn't look right, but I saw Sammi from beautycrush post something a little similar a while back and I thought why not!

I have recently  decided I like basic clothing and was in desperate need of some in my wardrobe and in particular black and white, this was because I was getting a little agitated that I never seemed to have any tops or anything to pair my many patterns with, so I've put a stop to buying any thing but basics for quite a while now and I'm just on the hunt for tops, dress, jumpers, cardigans all which are plain and you can layer and create numerous outfits with. This was all again inspired by a lot of beautycrushes videos and things as she always looks so lovely in such simple clothing and it doesn't break the bank every time you want that one dress that's patterned and you know once you've worn it a couple of times you'll get annoyed with it because you don't know how to make it look different.

Even though the sun was out on this particular day, I've never felt pain in my hands from the cold as much as this and after spending the afternoon prancing around random houses, (during this time we even had a lady come outside and laugh saying we can use her house as a background if we like) I couldn't wait to get to starbucks and wrap my hands around a hot chocolate in a bid to stop the pins and needles. I am so glad that over the last couple of weeks the sun really has heated everything up and I'm even venturing out without a jumper or cardigan! Although I do always have one handy just in case, you can never fully trust England's weather! 

Elizabeth Apps x


  1. Lovely photos! Love your outfit, nice idea to layer up! Those boots are gorgeous too xx

    Hannah @ FashionistaDigital

  2. very cool monochrome look!