Monday, 24 February 2014

Remember spring


Did anyone else get graced with sunny weather this weekend? It was such a lovely surprise after all the rain and wind we've been having these past weeks, so me and my friend saffy jumped at the opportunity to snap a few photos before the weather turned on us again.

I know this dress has been circling around other blogs recently, but I couldn't help but post my way of styling it, even if it is quite simplistic, but I think the dress is nice enough without dressing it up with the monochrome checks. I love the sleeve detailing, even though they don't actually cut tight to my sleeves like they're supposed to (damn you tiny arms) I know this dress will be perfect for the summer too, as it won't cling and be nice and airy to cool me down in the heat.

I had recently destroyed two pairs of my shoes (I had had them for quite a few years) and so was in dyer need of getting a new pair, although as I've said before I am such a picky shoe person and will spend ages trying to find the right pair. I knew that I wanted a heel this time, although I didn't want it to be too high as I can't walk in heels and I also wanted the chelsea boot style as it never seems to go out of fashion and will always be okay to wear, and definitely black as I know they go with a lot of things I have. So when I stepped into office and saw these boots, it was love at first sight. They fitted into every category and I asked to try them on straight away, when the guy came back he told me I was very lucky as they were the only size left (it really must have been) and at such a discounted price how could I say no? Then to make it all that much better, Sam then swiftly took them off me and bought them, I really am such a lucky girl! 

It was a lovely start to my half term, which has very swiftly finished and has left me feeling even more weary than before as I didn't actually have a 'me' day to just chill and relax, although I did have a really lovely week catching up with loads of friends after spending what felt like forever getting in mountains of coursework in time for deadlines. But now that's all done I'm sure I will definitely find a day to myself more often.

Elizabeth Apps x


  1. Gorgeous outfit! I was really tempted to buy this dress but I think it's fairly pricey for what it is :( loving those boots too! So glad to see the sun out too, makes you feel a lot better. Hope you had a lovely half term x

    Hannah @ FashionistaDigital

  2. Aw, this dress is so pretty. I love the print, I like that they committed and gave it smocky sleeves as well. It looks great with the Leather.

    Long may this weather last right?! I want it to snow or warm up!

    Emma x

  3. I love the combination in this look! Very lovely darling xx

  4. great look! really loving your dress!

  5. This outfit is so perfect! You look beaut Beth!

  6. Beautiful hehe, enjoyed this day:) xx

  7. I've seen that dress on a few folks and it looks incredible, effortlessly beautiful indeed. The boots are a great height for everyday like you wanted, you definitely bagged a good deal with them! I'm also forever destroying shoes, I literally wear them down to the sole starts to hole and it's always a hassle finding a pair to compare after I find.

    Thanks for your lovely comment by the way, I'm glad I'm not the only one pinning for those items haha.

    Katie » Tattyboots

  8. greats shots , nice style :)
    greetings from hamburg