Sunday, 2 February 2014

Mr Wolfe


Can we just take a moment to say how amazing these houses are! Such gorgeous pastel colours, I want to live on this road so much! 

I have been searching for a black shirt with a white peter pan collar for absolutely ages, and after seeing Olivia show one in her Primark haul I rushed to my nearest one and snapped it up and absolutely love it!

I also recently had to go purchase some black joni jeans from topshop after getting the dark blue denim ones and falling in love with the shape and comfort I just knew I needed them in black. After all black and blue I feel are the 2 essential jean colours.

Last Sunday my friend Agnes ( who has an amazing blog here) and I decided it was time to actually get out and explore more of what Brighton had to offer in the cafe department, after living here my whole life I just felt like I had not  fully discovered all this lovely seaside city has to offer and I was so right! We stumbled across this little cafe just outside the hustle and bustle of the city centre and all it's shoppers and we couldn't be more excited! 

Upon entering the cafe we were greeted by lovely acoustic music and our eyes widened at the selection of cakes that were on offer on the counter. I absolutely loved the feel of it all, how customers would pop in, grab a brew and then take a seat in this very tiny room while they read or bought out art supplies to start painting, it just had such a tranquil, calm feel to the place (non of that loudness from those well known cafes.) I had finally found a place that I had pretty much dreamed of and it reminded me of the photos you see on sites like tumblr or pinterest. I even loved the little aussie feel with the kangaroo postcard and the person who served us had the most amazing aussie accent, which I adored!

When it came to picking what to have, the tea was not a disappointment, I am a very picking tea person, but this ticked all the boxes and was presented in the most beautiful crockery! The cakes were of a generous helping and we both went for the chocolate and hazelnut meringue cake and it was absolutely to die for. The meringue really complimented the cake giving it such a light taste to it stopping you from feeling too bloated and the chocolate-y flavour was just the right amount for someone like me who isn't a big chocolate lover.

If you live in Brighton or are taking a trip to our lovely city I highly recommend you try out Mr Wolfe it is a real gem of a cafe.
Mr Wolfe, Montpelier Place, Brighton

Elizabeth apps x


  1. What a stunning cafe! I'm definitely going to check that out next time I'm in Brighton.
    Sometimes it's hard to appreciate your home town when you've gotten used to it all your life, it's not until I moved away and revisited home that I realised how beautiful my home town is!
    Lovely post and gorgeous photographs!

  2. so many lovely pictures! i really love your outfit too

    from helen at

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  3. WOW thats all I have to say BETH WOW hehe, love love love x

  4. Oh man, I haven't been to Brighton in years. I haven't got an excuse really, considering it's less than two hours away from London and cheap with (the best thing ever invented) a railcard. Love this outfit too! My jonis have gone really funny, which is annoying, but I don't want to buy another pair haha. xx Rebecca - UK Style Blog

  5. awesome outfit, love the simplicity but chicness and I definitely want to live in that street to, pastel houses are just so much prettier <3

  6. Aw, your lifestyle photos are so pretty! Very atmospheric. And if I can ever have a gold tea set I would be a very happy girl. Picture has been saved to my Home-spiration folder!

    Emma x

  7. Oh, I've always wanted to go to Brighton! That cafe looks amazing.
    Cute outfit, too!

    x Michelle |

  8. Good look and beautiful pics! ♥

  9. Look at the size of that cake! Looks delicious, will definately have to try out this place next time i'm in Brighton.


  10. Cute cute outfit! The cake looks amazing x

  11. Super cute outfit, love the collars :) I'm venturing around London on saturday to find a cute cafe too haha

    Ruth x