Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Honest to Blog: Friendship

Tricky one to write this post. It's something I struggle and get down about often. When I was in primary and secondary school I always had a big group of friends, most of which were boys I just seemed to always click with them more. But in a way that's now come back to haunt me or may be I've never actually been good at making friends? I guess what I'm trying to say in this honest to blog post is that friendships are hard for me.

I want that friendship where you wine and dine over conversation full of laughter or even deep thoughts. I want the friendship where you always have that person to text and you have inside jokes or where you take weekend breaks away with your small girl gang creating memories for a life time that you can share with your own children when one day you go on play dates and things as you grow older.

I want that feeling where after each encounter you feel so happy and content and it pushes that loneliness from us all that will not waver until the next meeting. I want to be that person that friends know they can come to 24/7 if they want to because I'd be there for them to talk to and for me to listen and talk back when it's needed.
After leaving school settings, whether that be primary school, secondary school, college or university where we are pretty much thrown together with others and make friends because what else is there to do when we see them 5 days a week for hours. School is how we make friends and where we create our memories with those friends and we have people we can turn to when we feel stressed or sad and  those are the people  that we speak to all the time and go shopping with and have those fabulous school sleepovers it's easy making friends at school. I have had some fabulous friendships and always have such nostalgia when I come across old photos and things.

But sadly the majority of those friendships for me bar a few have dwindled, never for bad reasons but the norm that happens for most people. We grow up. We grow up and we create new lives, we get jobs, we go to university, we start families and become adults and with that I've experienced lots of friend losses. This is probably a main reason of me feeling so down. I crave what I wrote above. I don't really know what I'm trying to say in this post to be honest. It's a big brain dump on how I miss having close friends to make memories and talk to and gossip with pretty much 24/7.

I also do not have an clue on how to make friends now days. I try to use social media to talk to people but at the moment it's not clicking, I guess it takes a little longer to click especially through the internet but yeah I guess in a way this is a reach out in asking people what they do to makes friends. I have so many wonderful people in my life, I just really want a few more close friendships and to create memories that will last a life time! (That's so my poor bestie doesn't get bombarded with me asking her to do everything and anything with me - although I know she loves it)

I feel it's going to get to a point where people start making friends online, kinda like tinder, but less creepy and weird so if anyone wants to chat and make friends honestly feel free to message me, I don't bite and it would be lovely to talk to more like minded people that enjoy blogging or going on adventures or coffee dates and all sorts!
I'm so tired of feeling lonely and not having a group of girls that I can chat to and things, lets use all our kindness and platforms to create friendships and memories!

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Elizabeth Apps x

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

It's Ok To Be Lazy

I was meeting my friend for brunch, like we have been doing on a weekly basis for the past 2 or so months and we were discussing everything, like girls do and we both started talking about how we feel weird. Not down or anything just weird and we weren't sure why. We said that we felt lazy while our other halves were out everyday working their butts off and here we were living the life of luxury like 'soccer mums' brunching every week, relaxing at home, meeting other people and basically doing whatever we please. We talked about how we felt so guilty and lazy and not great about it in the slightest.

But then my friend said we shouldn't feel this way. We have both finished courses and worked incredibly hard on assignments and me on placement and both got the results we worked really hard for and now it's our summer. We may be adults now but we deserve a summer to relax and enjoy the time off from all that hard work we did. Because we'll both be starting jobs and working 5 days a week and really starting our new 'adult' lives like everyone else. We spoke about how when we start these jobs if we continue to feel guilty about relaxing like we do, then we won't feel rejuvenated and properly ready with our new working routines. So instead of feeling bad I'm going to learn to enjoy this time off, because heck after this is over I won't get it anymore. (Well actually I will because I'm working to the school terms, but hey!)

That means from now on, if I wake up with my boyfriend at 7:00am to see him off to work and then climb back into bed for 2 or even 3 more hours and in that time I spend it dozing in and out of sleep or watching copious amounts of youtube or reading blogs that's fine by me. It's something I enjoy doing and I won't be able to laze in bed gone 10:00am by myself and being leisurely.
The days that I'm at home in my pyjamas watching episode after episode on netflix and they ask if I'm still watching and I click yes, well who cares!? I won't be able to do this as often as I like soon and I will so miss being able to wear my pyjamas all day any day and changing only to get into a new pair after a shower.

If I want to go out for brunch, or breakfast or lunch or dinner once a week (maybe more) than I bloomin' well will! There is nothing I like more than food and my goodness do I like trying new places and when I'm working it'll be 8:30-6 most days so I won't be able to eat out at any time of day as often as I'd like so I am gonna make the most of it!

One of my favourite things is sitting in the lounge with my mum eating tasty feta, ham and salad wraps with tea or coffee and watching the most awful but brilliant tv programmes - see, naked attraction, my face or yours, don't tell the bride and others. Also when it hits 2 pm we go off to our bedrooms to have some chill alone time and I absolutely love it. It's quality time with my mum and that all important recharge time and now my mum has a job and I soon will be working we have to make the most of this mother daughter time and give no cares who knows just how lazy and awful our tv taste is!

What I'm trying to say is, is if you too are at a time in your life where you don't feel like doing much or you feel like you too are being a 'soccer mum' then it's ok. We all deserve that time and you shouldn't feel guilty because not many people get this time to just relax and enjoy doing whatever they wish so to speak. We'll all be working our butts of soon so enjoy being lazy, you never know when you'll be able to next!
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Elizabeth Apps x

Sunday, 30 July 2017

That Red Wrap Dress


Red dresses, who hasn't seen them around?! So I thought I'd grace you all with yet another red dress. I am all about wrap dresses at the moment I can not stop wearing them, as well as looking at others I so badly want to buy. They really are the ultimate summer dress, just like the skirt you can use the wrap to hide a food baby and what more could you ask for, if you're anything like me and love eating that is! I am so about adding a few more floral and colourful pieces to my wardrobe and this ticks both those boxes!

I am all about a good dress, however I am not all about being super girly and so I paired the dress, like I do with most dresses with trainers and a leather jacket. I love the black colours with a girly dress I feel it really does un girly the whole look. I also cannot get enough of this bag at the moment, I feel it reminds me a little of the zara bag that everyone and their dog seems to have but I got it for free as it was my sisters - the perks huh!? I really dig the chain it really adds something to an outfit I think.

Also anyone noticed how it's not my usual two locations for shooting photos in! How exciting to have a new location, I saw this posted on the @brighton instagram page and just knew it would be the absolute perfect location to shoot a red dress in. I just thought the green door and the wall would compliment the dress so well and I absolutely adore how these photos turned out!

Are there any dresses that you are loving this summer?!

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Photography by my lovely friend: Instagram @AgnesBleach

Elizabeth Apps x