Sunday, 16 September 2018

Ways To Bring Positivity Into Your Life

Life can sometimes get confusing. Sometimes we find ourselves at crossroads not knowing which way to go and it can be all so overwhelming and we start to panic about what we're going to do and how we're going to create these kickass lives - especially in our 20's when we have been told from  young ages that this is when we need to get our shit together and that in our twenties we should have found another person to spend our life with, be engaged or married with them, be in a successful career for x amount of years, have children and have a house. Achievable? WRONG! Nowadays it's harder than when grannie and granpa were our ages and so we feel like we are failures. I'm not by any means saying that if you do all of these tips you will get the things stated above. It's merely to help you in those times of disarray to remember that life isn't scary and we will all reach those milestones we want to reach if we keep working and keep ourself positive in any way that we can whether you pick 2 or 1 of these ideas, apply it and run with it.

 Take Time To Rest (and don't feel guilty)
Probably the most important one for me. I am someone that can burn out quite easily, I get easily overwhelmed if I have lots planned in my week and so I always need a day or a long evening (meaning when I finish work at 3:30pm) and then I'm fine. These rests for me mean I don't do much, I binge Netflix, write a blog post or two, watch youtube, read, pamper. You name it. Anything that is 'me time' is what you should be doing in this time. But most importantly not to feel guilty about it. Because when you feel guilt you don't relax properly and then you can be left feeling a little tetchy.

Say Yes To The Things That Bring You Joy And No To Those That Don't
This can be a hard one. I'm someone that will always do things for people otherwise I feel really bad and guilty for it. I like to put everyone's needs before mine, it's just me. I will always go out of my way to help those that I love. But sometimes it's ok to say No, because sometimes you just need to look after yourself, after all if you haven't looked after yourself how are you supposed to look after others. Similarly, though it is important to say yes to opportunities, because if you think it's going to be something that will bring you great joy. Do it! Don't worry about any consequences or money, just do it because it could just be amazing.
 Be Grateful For The Things In Your Life 
One thing I really try to do is write down things I'm grateful for. They can be really simple, like I'm grateful for my morning tea. I'm grateful for my bus being on time. I am grateful for such and such doing this for me. Absolutely anything. I try to write or simply think of 3-5 things daily. Because I believe as soon as you show gratitude more gratitude will come your way. But it's really about noticing those small things in your life and even the big things no matter how bad a day you may be having.

Notice The Things You Like About Yourself
Similarly to the grateful idea. I think everyone needs to love themselves, if you can't love yourself how can you expect somebody else to love you right? It's the MOST important thing we should all learn, alongside the whole learning to enjoy our own company. One way that I practice self love and something that could help make you instantly smile is just by saying or writing down 1 thing you like about yourself daily. It could be that you like your outfit that day or that you like your smile or hair, or even that you like how caring you are towards others. Again it doesn't have to be major but that one thing about yourself could really help perk you up.

Learn To Live In The Moment
Easier said than done. But how liberating is it to just live in the moment. Who cares about that thing that is happening tomorrow or next week or next year. Who cares about that house you are trying to hard to save for. Live in the moment, drink it up and take it all in because you blink and that moment is gone, not to be redone. Enjoy the time with friends and family or time by yourself and don't stress about tomorrow. Everything will fall into place, it may not be exactly what you had planned but it will be ok just enjoy the here and now.
Don't Be Afraid Do Things Because Of The Fear
In our twenties it's our prime years to do everything and anything, try all those jobs even if it doesn't sound right up your street try it anyway. Just don't say no because you're worried of failing or not achieving what you want to do because if you say no, well you will do the things you fear. You can only accomplish things if you go at them with full force and not worrying about what could happen, because what if what could happen is the exactly what you actually want and it happened all because you didn't care about the fear.

Sing And Dance
Exactly what it says in bold. Do you feel a little sad, get up put your jams on and pretend you are giving a concert, sing and dance your heart out to all of those songs you love. Dance until you can barely stand, feel better yet? Good.

These are a few things that I try to do. Especially with the change of the seasons, it can be a hard one for many. So try to remember simple and small ways to bring some positivity to our lives.

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Can Life Get Boring Or Can You Just Get Boring?

At the age of 23 I am constantly questioning what I get up to in my life. I wouldn't say I have the most riveting life. I don't go clubbing, even though that by no means makes me boring it's just something I don't particularly enjoy. But it's things like this that get me thinking that I am not living my 20's the best of my ability.                                     

Ok, so let's run through a normal day to day in the life of Beth.
6:45 am: wake up, have breakfast and get back into bed with youtube.
8:15 am: leave for work
8:30am-6:00pm: work
6:00pm-11 ish - dinner, shower, maybe workout, sit on my laptop or watch a tv series.

With Saturday and Sunday varying but mostly with shooting outfits (which I love) but again mostly sitting around at home on my laptop or watching tv, perhaps visit my family and the occasional (a lot more often in the last year) meet friends for coffee, food and a good gossip.

It's boring or am I boring?!

According to Sam every 2 months - his words. I get upset and down in the dumps because I feel like nothing exciting is happening in my life and I'm going to look back even when I hit just my 30's and think was that it? Is that all I did? That terrifies me. The thought of it actually makes me feel slightly sick.
 Ever since I was little I've known I wanted to do lots wth my life. 6 months being a surfing beach bum in Hawaii anyone? Yes I know that's a little extravagant. But still I want to see lots of the world. Even England, I've only seen Newquay, Edinburgh and London. I just want to have these crazy memories that I can look back on and think. Fuck yeah, look what I did! I can tell my kids about all the things I did. I can tell their grandchildren!

But yeah here I am sitting in my bedroom most days doing what? Nothing. I blame work, I blame having to work and earn money and save for a house and I blame the fact that Sam likes to sit on his xbox and do you know what, that's just stupid.

It's no ones fault, it's definitely not Sam's fault. The only person that can get their arse into gear and instead of sitting around start doing this, is me.  Life isn't boring. It's only as boring as you make it.

Yes we have things like work that we have to get through and sometimes after work we're so knackered we just need to curl under a blanket and nap. But I'm 23 for peak sake I have all the time in the world to sleep (need to get the fatigued feeling under control) I should be doing things with my time and having funny stories I can share with my blog and just look back on what I did feeling super happy and fulfilled.
 Because that's the thing isn't it. We all want a fulfilling life. I want those days or evenings of little things, bowling, mini golf, walks ANYWHERE, cinema, drinks and getting tipsy (not clubbing), games nights, weekends away, weeks away, trying out new sports. Honestly I could probably write a huge lists of things I want to do.

But really, my mood isn't going to improve until I start doing them and the only person that is going to be able to get this stuff to happen. Well me of course. I need to ask people to do these things with me I need to book these weekends or weeks away. I just need to do as much as possible. At weekends, in the evenings whenever I am able as much as I can.

Life isn't boring, it's as boring as you make it and I am through with being boring.

Don't get me wrong I still want days where I stay in pyjamas and I only change when it's a shower in the evening but change into new pyjamas kinda day. Because they are pretty great. But if I want to do something instead of being like 'oh, that would be nice if one day we did..' and just say, can we do this, on this day or yada yada' you get the idea.

Because let's be honest the quote "You will never have this day again so make it count" has never been truer!

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

A Week In Newquay, Cornwall

Between a 4-6 hour roadtrip away (dependent on the time you start your travels) Newquay, Cornwall can be at your finger tips. Just ensure that you make a killer playlist - or if you're like me fill it with songs from your past such as Westlife, Alexandra Burke, Busted, Britney Spears all that good cringe stuff that you can scream at the top of your lungs as your boyfriend looks onwards and like he wants to leave the car running and just jump and roll out the drivers door. The joys of driving is you can load up the car as much as possible and not have to pay for any luggage check ins and when you're camping this can be very handy. Not mention the foot well on the passengers side (which should preferably be yours) can be stocked with all the road trip snacks required.
Coming from Brighton, which yes we are lucky to have the seaside, city and field vibes all on one doorstep comes at a price. We don't get waves, which means no surfing and if we're lucky to get waves it's when the winds are vicious the rain is lashing down and it's probably also bitterly cold. So that's a big no from me. Instead heading to Newquay means wave and surf heaven. Not mention actual sand beaches which can be a nice change from pebbles. Although I do love the pebbles because it means no sand, which is bliss as that stuff gets EVERYWHERE.

We booked a camping site, which if it's really not your think they have plenty of B&B's which forever have vacancy or no vacancy signs in and I'm sure there are plenty of AirBnB's to go for too (but book early as they do go quick with sea views) But if you can hack a campsite ours had lots of clean showers, a heated outside swimming pool, an arcade - which we did go to for a couple of air hockey rounds and an onsite pub.

Most of our time was spent at the beach surfing but there were a few foodie spots that I thought were cute little gems worth mentioning and also the beaches need to be mentioned too.
Tolcarne Beach
Be prepared to get your butt into shape for this beach because there are ALOT of stairs going down and a lot going back up if you want to reach this beach. A personal favourite for me though. They have a kiosk for hot/cold food and snacks and they even do gluten free and veggie options so if you want their burgers (which I recommend) you can get it bunless and in a big salad leaf or two. You can also hire boards and wetsuits right on the beach so no worries about clambering up the stairs with a massive board, because if like me you are a beginner and only stand up 50% of the time you're going to need a sturdy 8 foot foam surfboard and those things are difficult to carry! They also recently created a very good looking restaurant which I have yet to try but something on my list for next year as it looked amazing and the food sounded delicious. Although quite a popular beach it was never overly busy, so when we went in the sea and spent 2-3 hours at a time in their I felt fine leaving our stuff on the beach, phones and all as you could always kind of see it. Also another bonus, the water was never too busy so you didn't have to worry to much with either being a wave hogger or someone getting in your way (although that doesn't mean to say it never happens so beware)

Driftwood Kitchen Coffee Deli
Every year there seems to be a new opening of some sort and while I think this was open last year we only ventured in this year and my goodness am I glad we did. It was insane. I ordered a buddha bowl which I was informed would be a selection of all salads on offer at the counter. I had pesto pasta, potatoes, cauliflower rice, a green leaf salad with croutons my goodness it was delicious and washed it down with a iced latte with a caramel syrup - my go to. Sam got a toasty. But all sandwich selections can come toasted or untoasted so if melted cheese isn't your thing and the best thing is. The deli comes with a view of the beaches, beautiful clear blue water and sandy beaches. How else would you want to eat your food and sip that coffee.

The Brew and Tattoo
A place visited last year, but not fully embraced. This time round we fully took advantage, I got a pot tea while Sam got a latte, which he said was tasty and we both upon the recommendation of Jodie got a brownie. EVERYONE needs to get this brownie. Firstly it is not a stingy little square that I find a lot of cafe's give you. It was a good big chunk. Secondly they drizzled it in caramel sauce. It was insane! The brownie even had caramel sauce in it so it was so nice and gooey, probably the best brownie I have had. As said in the title they sell coffee and do tattoo's. The coffee shop being downstairs and the tattoo studio upstairs. They offer walk in tattoos from £30, very tempting - how cute would a hibiscus on the back of my arm above me elbow be? But I resisted. However Sam did cave and he got his first tattoo! One thing I find intimidating about tattoo studios is the decor. It's all dark and full of skulls and the artists are covered head to toe, which I really don't mind but can be intimidating. However this space was open, airy and quite colour with summer hits from the 00's playing on the tv. The girl that tattooed Sam said that upon working in many studios she knew how intimidating they could be so wanted the polar opposite and it really works!
 Fistral Beach
One of Newquay's most famous but busiest beaches. This is one of the ones most people flag to so I do tend to stay clear. But I still can't help but visit once or twice as I do still love it and its where the photos featured in this post were taken. Plus when Boardmasters - Newquay's surf and music festival is on. It's where the surf contests take place and where the Boardmasters village is held. With events, food stands, clothing shops and all sorts are situated. (The music side is on the cliffs by Watergate Bay) Plus all the water can be very busy when the waves are flat at Tolcarne (due to it being in a cove) this can be a good second because as there is usually always something. Plus last year, on the sound side of the beach while climbing yet more stairs there is a cafe on at the bottom which does a delicious acai bowl!

Barefoot At The Beach
On the last night we decided to hit up this beaut place. Probably the newest bar/restaurant in Newquay and definitely decorated that way. Think hanging bulbs. Open and minimalist with beach features it ticked all the boxes. On this night I was VERY hangery. So ended up ordering a Pesto Fettuccine with a side of chips and Sam ordered a burger with a chilli jam and bread with hummus to start (we shared the bread of course) Some place I'd definitely go back to sample more because A their menu had so much to choose from and B I didn't have ID (due to passing my driving test and in England they take your provisional away so you get your license quicker) and they had a HUGE list of gins cocktails and an even bigger list of gins which you can pick from to create your own gin cocktail. So next year I will be going back to sample. Not to mention again lovely views of Towan beach.
 A short but sweet little post on the gems that is Newquay. Now as said because we spend the majority of the time in the sea we don't see enough of the surrounding area and sample the cafes and all sorts but I'm sure next year there will be new places to sample and a new post to follow. Not to mention we already have a place we want to visit a short travel from Newquay which I know I want to show you guys.